1st to 3rd Grade Teachers:

Say goodbye to grading

Use Class Ace to assign fun and effective Common Core challenges to students on iPad and iPhone. Everybody wins.


How it works

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1. Easily assign fun, effective math and English challenges to your students

Schedule hundreds of pre-made minute-long challenges covering essential math and spelling Common Core standards.

Challenges can be assigned for classwork or homework. Set up your assignment schedule once, and you’ll be on a path of common core mastery all year.

2. Students login to Class Ace and complete their assigned challenges

Challenges adapt to student ability to maximize learning. They provide the repetition and positive reinforcement kids need to learn. Think of them like worksheets 2.0.

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3. Teachers get instant results

Easily see which students need extra attention. Reward top performers to create a fun & competitive classroom. Track progress on the path to Common Core mastery.

Leave the paper worksheets in the 20th century

Give your students the more effective, more fun, and more convenient way to master Common Core standards.


Create an unlimited number of assignments for an unlimited number of students free for one week. Then it’s $19.99 per quarter (3 months) for 30 students, and $39.99 per quarter for 60 students.

Join the Class Ace waitlist. Teachers who refer 5 friends get early access.

We're just getting started

Ace Apps is on a mission to provide every child, no matter how privileged or poor, with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed at life. We’re starting with 1st to 3rd grade essential life skills and expanding from there. Follow us to stay in the loop.

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